Welcome to the official website of Optima pet paradise!

Welcome to Optima's pet paradise!

Oupets accompany us from 1984, the virus Oupets did not unlock us in the past 29 years. It is a great desire for us to show many of our dogs in europe.
Many of our Oupets dogs won the title, BIS- layout, and they are also BIS winners. Because of this success, some programs are unforgettable for us.
After a while, we hope to breed big dogs. In 2003, we decided in black and Harlequin color varieties of Danish, according to the provisions of KV and FCI.
We are very concerned about the cultivation of Great Danes in health, character and beauty.
These are we started with our species in the cause of 20.10.2005 in our large Danish Kennel Austria star.
So you are welcome to visit our home page, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us

Optima kennel varieties

Each of our dogs is pure blood, have exclusive Pedigree certificate, their parents have proved that the real good Quality, dog before selling to ensure good health, no other diseases, Make sure you have a good friend!


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